Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rallying for Real Peace

This week we completed our rally for Ron Paul in Oslo. The rally was done at the initiative of Hans Lysglimt.

Our first session was on Sunday December 9 at the Norwegian Nobel Institute, where there was a press conference.

We were outside the Nobel Institute for hours, almost freezing our feet off, while someone was indoors being praised for a fight – or shall we say war – against global warming.

The reasoning for giving the Nobel Peace Prize to this year's Laureates is dubious at best, not the least if one considers Alfred Nobel's will. So we decided to rally for someone who really stands for peace – by promoting non-interventionism abroad and at home. Ron Paul's foreign policy also falls in the category of reduction of standing armies, as he wants to withdraw U.S. troops stationed abroad.

Along comes Al Gore with his fellow Laureate in a motorcade – with how many vehicles? And these vehicles emit CO2, right? What is it Al Gore is fighting again?

The video shows Al Gore escorted by police, passing the U.S. Embassy, then going through a roundabout, before stopping in front of the Nobel Institute to enter for the press conference.

Ron Paul supporters shout "Ron Paul" (the name of a man who stands for real peace, should there be any doubt) at:
  • The U.S. Embassy, which represents policing the world, and where U.S. solidiers stand, and they have been donating more to Ron Paul than to any other candidate.
  • The Nobel "Peace" Laureate Gore, who needs to be reminded that interventionism, and in particular going to war against climate change, is not peace.
  • The Nobel Institute, which needs to be reminded of a man who really stands for peace.
  • The press conference room filled with media, which need to understand that Ron Paul will not go away.

The next day, December 10, Nobel Day, the rallying continued. Al Gore walked in a gesture of symbolism from his hotel to Oslo City Hall, which is less than 5 blocks away, while his motorcade went anyway, not the least to take him back.

Inside, Al Gore spoke of wartime measures.

However, it is not certain that he was the worst one speaking. The Nobel Committee Chairman told us:
Climate changes are already moving beyond human control.
What is a significant cause of our problems is the ever increasing ambitions of government. The belief that humankind, and in particular government, can do more and more haunts us. Now it is extended to the belief that humankind can control the climate.

We need to move away from such outrageous ambitions. We need to understand that government to a far greater extent than today needs to let things be. Non-interventionism is a formula for peace. Ron Paul is thus not only hope for those United States of America, but also for the world.

During our rallying on December 10, someone supposedly working for Al Gore came up to us and told us that our RP rally session was the talk of the room after the press conference on Sunday.

Where are the reports from American media that Al Gore was met by Ron Paul supporters?

Our rallying outside Oslo City Hall continued until Al Gore arrived for his 5 o'clock interview with CNN's Jonathan Mann.

During those hours quite a few people had seen our signs, including Americans. We had talked to a bunch of people as well, Americans included.

Next on the rally program was the torch light parade. Participating in a peace parade is a most natural thing to do for supporters of a peace candidate. We were asked not to participate. So we did not. Apparently, it was a parade against climate change and CO2 emissions. A torch light parade against carbon dioxide emissions. Well, well...

We went straight to Al Gore's hotel, of which news came quite easily across the big pond. We spent some time rallying there. Eventually, the parade arrived. Some people were nagging about our signs. They thought they should be taken down. Supposedly it was not worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize, a complaint that should be taken to the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Eventually, the police gave in to all the complaints, and they had us take down our signs.

The next morning we took our signs to a breakfast seminar on the forthcoming U.S. elections, hosted by the Norwegian think tank Civita.

Please find Hans Lysglimt's motivation for the rally in the video below:


Sara said...

You guys rock! You make me proud to be Norwegian!

J.K. Baltzersen said...


It warms that our support is so much appreciated at the other side of the big pond.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Fellow lovers of liberty,

Due to your interest in the message advocated by Ron Paul I wanted to make sure you were aware of the 2008 Liberty Forum (, which is happening January 3-6th in Nashua, NH.

If you haven't yet heard, Dr. Paul is one of the keynote speakers for the second year in a row (check out this video to see his speech from 2007). Last year over 350 people attended. This year we're expecting even more (which is why we had to find a different venue that had greater capacity). It would be excellent if you could help us to spread the message of liberty by letting visitors to your site know about this event.

Note that for those under 18 registration fees are waived and that college students get a steep discount (they can email Chris Lawless, the coordinator for the Liberty Forum, at:

Thanks in advance. I hope to see you in NH!

In Liberty,


Anonymous said...

VALGFUSK? Foul play in New Hampshire?

It is now obvious that a number of New Hampshire Ron Paul votes that [B]could be huge - maybe even enough to put him near the top - were not counted[/B]. So brazen were the vote thieves that they [I]listed Dr. No with zero votes in some places where people say they voted for him. In one place, the county clerk says he got 31 votes. The [U]official tally shows him with zero[/U]. [/I]In how many places did this happen? The Communist News Network (CNN) early on showed a candidate they didn't name beating Ghouliani. Who was that candidate? This will continue as long as voting machines are used. The Paul campaign needs to spend the $67,000 it would cost to challenge all this. Get mad as hell or get out!

"If you aren't paranoid these days, you're crazy."--Alan Stang

Say Yes to No!


Hva skal vi tro om dette? Har USA blitt en bananrepublikk?

Grand_Elusion said...

Sign the petition to get Paul the prize in 08'

Andrea Murrhteyn said...

To advocate for human rights, peace, and social justice while ignoring their necessary ecological basis --— a stable human population – at, or slightly less than – the eco-systems long term carrying capacity --- is intellectual dishonesty and hypocrisy.


Official Legal and Political Complaint to Nobel Institute: Norwegian Nobel Committee (excerpt):

Dear Norwegian Nobel Committee,

Notice of Legal and Political Request to:

(I) Withdraw Nobel Peace Prize’s from Nelson Mandela, F.W. de Klerk, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, for (a) Intellectual Dishonesty & Hypocrisy; (b) Moral, Political and Religious Prostitution; and (c) ‘TRC-RSA’ Fraud and Betrayal; and

(II) Accept Nobel Peace Prize Nominations for Dr. Albert Bartlett; Dr. Garret James Harden, and Dr. M. King Hubbert, for Intellectually Honest and Politically Honourable Ecologically Sustainable, Human Rights, Peace and Social Justice Advocacy.