Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ron Paul Rally In Oslo December 9, 2007

at YouTube


Jaysun said...

That is awesome! RP supporters in Oslo!

RxGalt said...

Thanks for your support.
As a caucus voting Iowan, I will
do my part to get Ron Paul elected for the Republican nomination, and from there the White House and Peace prize for 2008.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for promoting peace and Dr. Paul. America needs a Doctor!!!

Lynnie said...

Thank you so much, you are such beautiful people :)
You supported the man who should have been our president, and you are fighting for the man who should be our next president.
Thank you for your caring and unselfish commitment to WORLD PEACE.

Anonymous said...

Go Norway! Thank you for supporting Dr. Paul with your hearts and minds and 'boots on the ground'.

You rock.

Fabio Bossi said...


Best whishes from Germany!

We`ll hit Strasbourg this weekend!

Rock`n`Ron Paul!!!

Anonymous said...

We in America are the Brothers of all who promote Freedom, and it is heartwarming to see you holding the Ron Paul signs in Oslo.

I predict this will be a sensation in the US.

Run, Ron Paul, Run!

fufurios said...

That's a cool support for Ron.
I bet Al Gore was suprised to hear you shouting for "Ron Paul".

Anonymous said...

Bra gjort!